Fardin Kanani | Singer & Songwriter and Composer


( Born in 1979-08-23 in Larestan) singer of pop music, song writer and composer. In most of his lyrics and music of songs, Fardin Kan’ani has a special role. He began singing in his adolescence. He accidentally became familiar with music at 14. He created his first work and unofficial song in 2004. He was so interested in art and in love with singing and playing guitar in a way that he would spend most of his time in artistic environment. The following songs are some of his works in pop music: Love me- the reason of love- good feeling- you are with me- you again- always rainy eyes- Birthday night- feeling- thank you for coming – fake loves- impossible dream- cup of love- love only for you- good mood- special love- in a special way- jokingly- come back- the end of craziness- arrogant crazy- even when you are bad, it is good to me- this is love – life is not good with you- love is an accident